sony xperia z5 (E6633) Google account bypass

Hello my  friends I am going to show bypass google account lock in              Sony   Xperia  Z5 (E6633) . In this post how to remove google account without any box only you need two apps.


1. Fist of all connect wifi network in your lock phone

2. Now get started

3. Touch accept

4. And touch skip

5. And touch set up as new

6. And now go back.

7. And touch visual aids

8.Then touch talk back

9. And now you draw capital L

10. And scroll up down in two fingers

11. And hit help and feedback

12. Now disable talk back  setting to press two button volume  up and volume down key

13. And then click youtube and   then share by email

14. And add an email address.

15. And then select hotmail.com and sign-in hotmail address.

16. After that sign in address then take me to email.

17. And then click right side three dot point and showing setting and

click setting

18. And once again click three dot point and click manage accounts.

19. And go to lock screen & security .

20. And then click device administrators.

21. And untick android device manager.

22. And go to back and then disable two apps which are google account manager and google play service.

23. And go to storage and open and then click explore

24. And install this apps.  here link 1 link 2

25. And then go to account and then add new gmail account.

26. And  now sign- in your gmail account and password.

27. And now  go to apps  and enable that apps which are disable.

28. And  then now restart your phone.

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