Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro FRP Bypass

how to bypass samsung galaxy j5 pro google account

how to bypass google account

how to bypass samsung galaxy j5 pro frp remove

how to bypass samsung galaxy j7 pro google account

steps are here:

a. first of all connect wifi network












b. and  quickly three times press to home key enable talkback mode.

c. and now  you can draw capital L


d. and hit talkback setting

e. and now again press three times to home key disable talkback mode

f. and now scroll down and hit help and feedback

g. and hit get started with voice access

h. and hit youtube and search

i. and go to menu and scroll up and down

j. hit frp bypass  and download setting apk app

k. and also download account bypass apk app

l. and now goto download history

m. and open the file and install account bypass apk

n. and then also instll setting apk and open

p. and then open other security setting

q. open device administrators

r. and then click find my device

s. and then select deactivate

t. and go to apps

u. and then disable two apps which are google account manager and google play service

v. and then go to account and sign-in google account and password

w. after sign-in account go to app

x. and enable google play service

y.  then now reboot your phone



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