google account bypass

 How to unlock google account any android phone


If you have forget password   or pattern lock or pin code, you need to hard reset your phone . And afterthat  ask for the phone, This device was reset to countinue sign-in which a google account that was previously synced on this device. So that if you need to bypass for that , I easily teach you.


1. connect wifi network or  mobile data network

2. go to back

3. and long press two fingers in your mobile screen

4. and enable talkback mode

5. and you draw  capital L

6.and hit the text to speech setting

7. and hit the setting

8. and hit the install voice data.

9. and then hit the top of the right corner three dot point

10. and then hit the open source licenses

11. and then press two volume key and + key and – key same time to suspended talkback

12. and then long press any word and hit the search.

13. and search file manager and then open

14. and then  open sd card

15. and install google account manager apk link

16. and again install frp bypass apk link

17.after that open it

18. and hit the three point top of the right corner

19. and then hit browser sign-in

20. and  sign-in your google account and password

21. and restart your phone…………



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