frp bypass

FRP Factory Reset Protection

FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection Lock. A security feature
implemented in Android devices to prevent unauthorized access to
the device after a factory reset.

When a user performs a factory reset on their Android device, FRP
lock requires them to enter their Google account login information to
unlock the device. This is to ensure that only the rightful owner can
access the device, even if the device falls into the wrong hands.

FRP locks are designed to protect user data and prevent theft by
making it difficult for others to use the device without the owner’s
permission. However, FRP can also be a problem for users who buy
used devices with FRP who forget or can’t bypass their Google
account login details.

If you are stuck on your Android device due to FRP lock, you can use
an FRP bypass tool or service to get around it. However, be careful
when using these tools or services, as they may not be legal and may
damage your device or compromise your privacy. If you need help
unlocking your device, it’s always best to follow the correct procedure
and contact the manufacturer or a reputable repair service.

         FRP 2021

Open Galaxy Store

Open File Shortcut  Galaxy Store

Open Es File Explore Galaxy Store

Open :  Notification bar

Open : Package Disabler Pro 

Open Direct link

Opoen Disable Playservice.XML


Alliance shield  galaxy store

Open Direct link

Open Google Quick Search 

Open Setting

Open Set Lock Screen

Open My File

Open  Alliance sheild app

Open S9 Launcher App

Open Samsung Browser 

Open  Smart Switch

Tool: FRP Unlock



1. sidesync:

sidesync is a software which are for pc. first of all this software install in your pc or laptop

and also install samsung usb driver and connect your samsung phone

and bypass google account or frp  on your any samsung phone.

one of the must or best method of frp bypass for

any samsung phone

 sidesync link Download

2. Google Account Manager Apk


FOR 5.1.1 LINK

FOR 6.0.1 LINK

 FOR 7.0 7.1 LINK

For 8.0, 8.1 LINK

3. Frp Bypass/Account Login

quickshortcutmaker apk:




frp bypass apk:

 account login  link DOWNLOAD


4. Menu button :


5. setting apk:



6. for android version 7.0

        frp account admin link DOWNLOAD

apex luancher: link DOWNLOAD

Back Button

SamFW_Tool _V3.31 

Link Download


Link Download


Link Download


Link Download

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